my work [&] portfolios
my data science portfolio, on GitHub.
my graphic design portfolio, on Instagram.
my video editing portfolio, on YouTube.
my writing portfolio, on Medium.

my work:

you can find work I've done in my internships and through volunteering on my LinkedIn.

academic work:
* means it was a group project

data science:
demographic analysis of Chicago neighborhoods for local micro-mobility non-profit.*
interactive tool comparing the results of three stock prediction models.
analyzing the output of running S&P 500 data through three predictive models.
an exploratory data analysis on movie [&] tv genre trends over the last half-century.

communication studies (+ digital media concentration):
a video analyzing the strategies of controversial influencers.
a video on how "cancelling" happens, and what it means.*

integrated marketing communications:
creating a hypothetical marketing strategy and creative brief for diabetes non-profit*
using statistical methods to analyse the shared traits of consumers who shop at Kohl's and at Foot Locker*

human-computer interaction:
network analysis and recommendations for Bitcoin OTC trading platform*

non-academic work:

side projects:
I make music, host a radio show, and DJ as DJ Intranet.

fun stuff:
a mashup of car YouTuber Doug DeMuro and 90s Eurodance I made when I was bored.
my 48+ hour study music playlist.

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