my work:
you can find work I've done for others on my LinkedIn.

work I've done for classes:
data science: an interactive app to stock prediction data. analyzing S&P 500 data to find the most accurate predictive models. an exploratory data analysis about movie & tv genre trends.
communication studies (digital media): a video analyzing the strategies of controversial influencers. a video about how "cancelling" happens.
integrated marketing communications: using statistical methods to analyse the consumers of Kohl's and Foot Locker.

side projects:
I make music, host a radio show, and DJ as DJ Intranet.
I make financial literacy videos as crediteddie.
I design T-shirts as Asp.

my data science portfolio, on GitHub.
my graphic design portfolio, on Instagram.
my video editing portfolio, on YouTube.
my writing portfolio, on Medium.

fun stuff:
a mashup of car YouTuber Doug DeMuro and 90s Eurodance I made when I was bored.
my 24+ hour study music playlist.

pages: homepage